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small, medium of large

The bowties from Monsieur Beaux are available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. Which size you should take is very personal. Some like it big, others a bit smaller …


9,5 cm wide x 6 cm high


12 cm wide x 8 cm high


14,5 cm wide x 9 cm high

All bowties are handmade and therefore unique. There may be a small difference in the centimeters described above, but that will not be a lot.

How do I put on the bow tie?

Our bowties are made with 2 velcro straps at the back, with which you can easily attach it to the collar of your four-legged friend. You can simply do this by folding the velcro around the collar. You can cut the velcro straps to the correct size of the collar if it is too long.

The straps are approximately 10 centimeters long so that the bow can be attached to a collar up to 4 centimeters high.

No collar?

If you do not have a collar then it is handy to order an elastic with your bow(s). Available in beige or black. The elastic strap can be easily attached with the 2 press snaps at the back of the bow, after removing the press snaps with the velcro straps.

This elastic strap can be ordered separately and is not supplied as standard.

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